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10 Industrial Uses For Coke Which Prove It’s Not Fit For Human Consumption

Being popular soda industries, brand in the world, coca cola is a 2nd brand recognized to maintain image of environmental and social. In fact, this company struggle to maintain issue related to water shortage and pollution. Some research showed that its drink product contains of harmful ingredients subject for human health. For some studies, it is dangerous for people with acidity level and toxicity. It is important to know that pH 0-7 is acidic; pH 7-14 is alkaline. In some research coke have pH below 2.5. So, it is acidic drink and harmful for human consumption. The consumption of this coke can be linked to COPD, asthma and other respiratory disorder.


In other research has been shown that people who drink coke get high risk of heart attack/stroke up to forty eight percent rather than people who drink mineral water per day. Coke is a great cleansing agent, but it is harmful for human health. By this reason, it is important thing to notice some industrial that uses of coke which harmful for human health. Coke might be able to clean surface efficiency, but it is toxic agent. For detail, here is some evidence 10 industry uses of soda, coke as cleaner agent, as follows:

  1. Aluminum foil and coke could take the chrome to a high shine.
  2. Coke can make reduce and eliminate tarnish on pennies. So, it can make old pennies look shine.
  3. Coke is great cleaner agent. People can use it to clean toilet.
  4. It can remove blood stains from fabric.
  5. It can clean and rinse burnt pan. It is easy, just soak old pan with coke and rinse it
  6. Coke uses to strip-paint off the metal surface by soaking.
  7. Remove old stains from floors, soak the stain and hose it off
  8. Removing rust with sponge, aluminum foil or fabric in coke
  9. Cleansing engine with coke
  10. Removing stain from vitreous china.


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