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12 Things That Happen to Your Body if You Eat 3 Dates A Day

Have you known that eating just three dates every day can replace the daily recommended dose of vitamins? They are one of the best sources of fiber and the natural raw sugar in them is a great replacement for the sugar we usually use. Here are some of the most common health benefits of consuming dates.
– Dates are rich in iron, so those people suffering from anemia should increase the intake of dates.

– Dates are great for the health of your eyes since they contain lutein and zeaxanthin. So, you should definitely consume more dates in order to improve your vision.

– Dates can successfully stop diarrhea. They are a great source of calcium and can speed up the regeneration of the gut flora. Consuming them regularly will support the creation of good bacteria in the intestine.

– Dates can likewise support the body in its endeavors to process sustenance a smidgen quicker and dispose of poisons. Just put a few dates in a glass of water before going to bed and let the release their juice.

– Consuming dates for a whole month before the delivery of your baby, will definitely reduce the intensity of bleading and ease the pain. They can also help women in the postpartum depression period and help them produce milk for their child.

– Dates will give you  a feeling of satiety and help you lose weight. Consuming one date on an empty stomach will balance the blood sugar levels and will control the work of intestines.

– If you are one of those people that have heart problems, you should definitely eat dates every day.  They are extremely healthy for your heart and can even prevent a heart attacks.

– Dates contain a little bit of sodium and they are packed with calcium. A standard portion that consists of 5 to 6 dates comes with 80 mg of magnesium. A recent scientific research have proven that consuming magnesium every day will stabilize your blood pressure.

– For some nutritionists, the principle motivation behind why we ought to eat dates is the way that this natural product can settle the sensory system with the assistance of the vast measure of potassium it contains. Logical reviews have affirmed that taking big amounts of potassium can bring down the shot of encountering stroke for 40%.

– Dates can really help to those people with intellectual jobs since they contain phosphorus, which is an excellent mineral for the brain.

– Dates have a natural sugar, such as glucose, fructose and sucrose. A mixture of milk and dates can help you get most from this sugar.

– Take a couple of dates, put them in a bowl with goat milk and let them amid the night. Blend the dates with some milk, include cardamom and nectar and drink the blend in the morning. This intense blend can be taken by ladies and men of any age since it helps the libido and vitality.




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