14 Symptoms That Indicate High Blood Sugar Levels!

The high blood sugar levels are easily identified and you need to take medical care of them as soon as possible. If you do not treat them properly and in time, they can harm your overall health.

When your body is not able to produce the needed dose of insulin or cannot use it as it should, then it comes to hyperglycemia. Insulin is a hormone that has the ability to help glucose from the food we consume to enter into the body cells and be used as energy later. So, if there is not enough insulin, the glucose cannot be absorbed into your bloodstream and if this happens for a longer time, it can damage some important parts of the body, such as: blood vessels, nerves, eyes, kidneys, etc.

Some of the most common reasons of increased blood sugar levels are: excessive use of steroids, excessive eating, physical inactivity, dehydration, fatigue and cold. Sometimes, increased blood sugar level may lead to diabetes, although this does not always happens.

The symptoms of high blood sugar levels are: frequent urination, weight gain, blurred vision, itchy skin, dry mouth, nerve problems, thirst, increased appetite, impotence, digestive problems, difficulty focusing, recurring infections and slow healing of wounds and cuts.

The food you eat can affect the blood sugar levels. In order to control them you should avoid foods with a high glycemic index. The Glycemic index is actually a scale and it shows the number of carbs in foods which can increase your blood sugar levels. The higher this number is, the bigger the risk of high blood sugar levels. The numbers range from 0-100 and those foods between 0 and 54 are considered a low glycemic foods.

The following list of foods will show you which foods are safe to consume and their Glycemic index:
– 1 egg: 6
– A cup of broccoli: 10
– A cup of hummus:6
– A cup of nuts: 15
– A cup of cashew nuts: 22
– A cup of cherries:22
– A cup of yogurt: 23
– Medium-sized onion: 10
– Medium-sized apple: 38
– 1 Turkey sausage: 28
– A cup of spaghetti: 42
– A cup of green grapes: 46
– A cup of peas: 54
– 220 gr. of tomato juice: 38
– 220 gr. of pineapple juice: 46
– 1 carrot: 47
– 1 orange: 48
– 1 grapefruit: 50
– 1 banana: 52

Foods with a Glycemic index between 55-69:
– A cup of brown rice: 55
– 1 serving of mac’n’cheese: 64
– A tablespoon of honey: 55
– A cup of oatmeal: 55
– A cup of white rice: 64

Foods that have high Glycemic index and you should definitely avoid:
– 2 cups of popcorn: 70
– Rice cake: 76
– A slice of white bread: 70
– 1 doughnut: 76
– Medium-sized baked potato: 85
– 1 portion of corn flakes: 92
– 50 gr. of glucose: 100




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