The 16 Foods To Avoid And Eat On An Empty Belly

One of the most important meals in our day is the breakfast. At the article below, you can see which foods are healthy to start your day with and which one cannot be taken for breakfast.

– You cannot consume sugar juices since they have refined sugar and will make you even more hungry.
–  Tomatoes have acid refluxes and ulcers, so you should avoid taking them for breakfast.
– Although all of us drink coffee first thing in the morning, you should know that you cannot mix it with some other ingredient. For example, drinking tea in the morning makes your belly upset and coffee aggravates gastritis and reflux.
– You should not take citrus fruits since they irritate the esphagus and your belly.
– Puff pastry/short crust is full with yeast and bacteria that upsets the belly lining and makes you flatulent.
– Soda, sugar free juices and all of the other carbonated drinks are also a terrible choice in the morning because they can damage the mucus membranes, which slows down the digestion.

At the morning, you should eat more foods that contain fiber and gives your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly. You should take eggs, watermelon, blueberries, nuts, papaya, buckwheat, wheat-germ, grains, etc. These foods are rich in vitamins and remove the toxins from your body. They are great for your digestion system and extremely healthy for the body.




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