21 Simple Remedies That Can Make Your Home PEST-FREE Without Harmful Chemicals

If you are one of those people that attract annoying insects as soon as you walk out, then we have the perfect solution for you. Now you can get rid of mosquitoes, gnats, flies and many other pesky bugs in a natural way with these 21 simple and easy solutions.

Citrus peel
Use citrus peel to get rid of spiders, because the hate the scent of these fruits. You can rub lemon or orange peel on the areas where they crawl. You can also use citrus peel as a furniture polish.

Eating garlic regularly can keep the mosquitoes away. Your body starts secreting the garlic and when the mosquitoes sense it, it keeps them away from you. Or you can just sprinkle a garlic powder in your home.

White vinegar
Put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz it in your home.

The natural cedar is the perfect solution if you have moth issues. You can place them in your closet and those pesky little bugs will no longer go through your clothes.

Lemon eucalyptus oil
It is very effective in repelling mosquitoes and it can also prevent deer tick bites.

Plant them around the doors of your house to prevent the bugs from getting inside. You can plant garlic, mint, catnip, lemongrass, basil, etc.

Sprinkle it around your house and you will definitely not have any bugs problems.

Baby powder
Baby powder is very effective remedy for wasps and bees. Just sprinkle it on the areas where they appear.

Chalk scares ants and they avoid to walk through it. So, just draw chalk around your house to keep them away.

Cucumber slices
Place one cucumber slice on your kitchen floor to get rid of the insects.

Cut a few slices and toss them in some water to repel the bugs. You can also put some onion in your garden to stop the bugs from attacking your plants.

Sugar and baking soda
Combination of these two ingredients can help you to get rid of cockroaches.

When we are nervous or stressed out body activated sweet glands, which the bugs are attracted to. So stay calm and find a way to reduce your stress.

Use unscented toiletries
Try using unscented or fragrance-free body products, because bugs are attracted to fruits and flowers.

Get rid of standing water
Mosquitoes are attracted to it, so make sure to keep your grass trimmed short as well as remove any container to keep these insects away.

Vanilla extract
Make a mix of vanilla extract and water. You can add lemongrass extract, mint or lavander if you want. It will keep pests away.

Soybean oil
A recent research shows that this oil acts as a natural insect repellent. It can keep the mosquitoes away for even 94.6 minutes.

Bugs do not tolerate it and it is one of the most effective natural insect repellents. Apply it on your skin for the best results.

Keep a clean house
Having a clean house can keep the pests out. So, make sure to dust, vacuum and wash regularly and the pests will be gone.

Dryer sheets
Just put a dryer sheet in your pocket and it will keep away mosquitoes, bugs and any other insect.

Wear light clothing
Light colored clothes can keep the mosquitoes away, because they are usually attracted to darker colors.




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