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4 Things you should never, ever do to your Vagina

Every woman’s vagina can take care of herself, but anyway some women insist on messing around down there in a very creative ways. Sometimes the thing can go very wrong, so you should really stay away from experimenting. Here are the four things that you should never ever do to your vagina.


  1. Stay away from steaming

    Your own vagina is not a carpet so you should never steam clean it. Paltrow had defined that steaming for V as when you “sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, and a combination of infrared and mug wort steam cleanses your uterus, it is an energetic release-not just a steam douche that balances female hormone levels.”

  2. Self-medicating is always a bad call

    Using a home made medications on your vagina can have a really bad side-effects. You should never try home-made remedies like tea tree oil, garlic, etc. You can even burn the skin inside your vagina and this can end up having some serious consequences.

  3. Never insert unsanitary foreign objects in your vagina

    All of us know that things like tampons, fingers, penis, sex toys, lube, etc. are allowed to go into your vagina. However, a lot of women like to experiment and put into their vagina things that can really cause damage like cucumbers, bananas, etc. This is definitely not okay and it can cause some serious irritation.

  4. The douching needs to stop

    You should always take good care about the smell of your vagina. It has its own special pH-balanced environment, thanks to the lactobacillus bacteria present in it, but when you squirt a douching mixture up there, you’re changing the normally acidic environment to a neutralized one—and inhibiting your vagina from protecting itself. The best way to stop the smell is using an unscented soap and water.


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