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Colon cancer is a serious health issue and it affects a lot of people around the world. It death rate is not as high as other types of cancer if caught on time, but it is really dangerous. A recent research have shown that almost half of the cases of colon cancer can be prevented just by taking some preventive measures. The medical experts recommend having a balanced Vitamin D levels and a healthy diet, mainly based on fresh vegetables, fiber-rich foods and garlic. You should also remove the fast food and sugar from your daily menu.

One of the main reasons for colon cancer and many other types of cancer is processed and red meat. The colon cancer is also called large intestine. The colon is a body organ responsible for eliminating the toxins and waste from your body. If the colon function is impaired, toxins may stay in the body and this can result as a lot of health issues.

There are many reasons for colon cancer, such as:
– 5-10% of colon cancer cases are caused by genetics
– 35% of colon cancer cases are caused by poor diet
– 30% of colon cancer cases are caused due to smoking
– 20% of colon cancer cases are caused by infections

Colon cancer can also appear as a result of the unhealthy lifestyle many of us lead. Here are the nine most common habits which can decrease the risk of cancer:
– Consuming enough vegetables and fruits. They contain a strong antioxidants and are high in magnesium.
– You can reduce the risk of colon cancer just by adding 10g of fiber in your daily diet. You can do this by consuming chia seeds, plums and flaxseeds.
– Try to increase the intake of Vitamin D. This vitamin is extremely important for our health and you can get mostly of it through sunlight.
– We all know that processed meats taste really amazing, but they are very dangerous for your health and increase the risk of colon cancer. Try to avoid them as much as possible.
– Some recent studies have shown that red meat in one of the main causes of colon cancer. This meat usually is genetically modified. It can cause havoc in the body and destroy the good bacteria in out gut.
– Being physically inactive boosts the blood flow and neutralizes the dangerous pathogens in your body. So, this way, the risk of colon cancer development is lowered. Exercising is also great for preventing many health issues and improving your immune system.
– Having a healthy body weight is also good for preventing colon cancer. A study conducted in 2014 have shown that people that are overweight have higher risk of suffering from colon cancer.
– You should also avoid consuming too much alcohol in order to decrease the risk of suffering from colon cancer.
– Garlic is one of the healthiest vegetables and it has a strong antibacterial properties. It has the ability to boost your immune system and reduce the risk of many types of cancer, including colon cancer.


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