7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Vagina Healthy And Young (Most Important Is #6)

Genital organs are of a big importance for every lady, so it is important to keep them healthy.

Our genitals grow as our body grows and you can use different anti-aging products to make you younger, but you cannot do this with your genitals because your vagina is a very sensitive body organ.

However, this is an intricate theme and most ladies are feeling awkward to share their vaginal issues, even with their doctor. Here, you can find out seven ways to maintain your vagina healthy.
Maintain a good hygiene
Sometimes your vagina smells unpleasant and in order to prevent this, you should wash it with a soap and warm water, at least two times a day. Use chamomile tea and try to avoid highly alkaline soaps as much as possible.
Have regular shaving or haircut
Not shaving your vagina regularly promotes sweating and retains bacteria, so it is very important to shave it regularly.
Wear the right underwear
Wearing synthetic underwear do not let your vagina breath normally. So, you should avoid it and wear cotton underwear instead. If the vagina do not breathe well, it can develop numerous infections.
Change your underwear every day
The vaginal secretion is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, so you need to change it every day at least once. Bacteria can cause colpitis, uterine infections, cystitis, etc.
Do not use perfumes on your vulva
They can disturb the pH balance and bring you infections.

Visit regularly your gynecologist
Go to your doctor at least twice a year if you are older than 21 or sexually active. You should do a PAP test and tests for common infections.
Make your vagina taste better
Consuming fruits such as apples, mangos, grapes and many others can improve the taste of your vaginal juices. You should avoid onion, garlic, spicy foods, alcohol and coffee.




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