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9 Signs You Have a Magnesium Deficiency

A lot of people do not know what a proper magnesium level us and how vital and beneficial the magnesium is to their health. He is important to every organ, tissue and function in our body. A low magnesium level can weaken out immune system and be a reason for chronic diseases.


Magnesium plays a big role in our health. Some of its main functions are:
– Energy production
– Mineral balance
– It helps promote proper digestion
– It helps enable bio-chemical processes

Down below you can read this nine early signs to find out if you are magnesium deficient.
– Leg cramps
– Insomnia
– Anxiety
– High blood pressure
– Muscle pain or fibromyalgia
– Persistent migraines
– Fatigue
– Type II diabetes
– Osteoporosis

You can also experience a loss of appetite, nausea, and overall weakness. If you left this symptoms untreated they can lead to more serious signs. Here are some more severe warning signs that you are magnesium deficient:
– Numbness and tingling
– Personality changes
– Muscle contractions and cramps
– Abnormal heart rhythms
– Seizures
– Coronary spasms

To treat the magnesium deficiency you should start a well-balanced diet.


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