Adorable baby’ scene of jealousy: ‘Dad just love me!’

Not only adults but also children are jealous. The short video recording of the most beloved ‘jealousy’ below will definitely make you laugh.

A baby at home playing with his father kept running and running again because of the doll. The reason is that Daddy hugged a doll and caressed the doll as he did with the baby.

Therefore, she had to go to ‘make a jealousy’ and bargained with his dad in an unacknowledged voice, ‘Daddy can not play with dolls anymore, I’ll watch over you!’..

But Dad kept holding the doll. This time the girl no longer ceremonious, she threw the doll out and screamed angrily like: ‘Oh what, Daddy love her more than me?’

Daughters are darling and pampered, but they are also jealous.

Similarly, not only daughters but also sons are envious. There are many photos showing their sweet green-eyed monster.

Some netizens commented below video.

‘I know all about jealousy; I have a total of 8 nieces & nephews! LOL. The last moment of jealousy I recall was the first time I got to hold my great-nephew. But before I could come into the room, my youngest niece (then aged 3 & a spoilt little madam) decided that she didn’t want me anywhere near him; & totally blocked the doorway! I’m disabled & use a wheelchair, so my sister had to go & physically move my youngest niece out of the doorway in order to let me pass. I’ll never forget the fit she threw when my gorgeous 1 week old great-nephew was finally placed in my arms (her screams nearly rattled the windows)!’

‘When my nephew was a baby and would cry, his big sister wanted Mommy and Daddy to take care of him. Rather than getting jealous, she would say, Mommy, Daddy, Baby crying!’

Watch video:


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