Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers

Fish and many other different kinds of seafood raised on pig excrement and creeping with flies is being sold to U.S. buyers. As prominent as shrimp is in America, seldom do individuals really focus on where it originates from. 100 million pounds of shrimp per year, 8% of the shrimp Americans eat, originate from a portion of the worst possible conditions.


These processed shrimps are placed into unclean plastic tubs with ice made from tap water.  That is how shrimp industry looks in Vietnam. The microbiologist Mansour Samadour, the owner of the IEH Labaratories and Consulting Gruop, says that these conditions are really unacceptable.

And even though the Chinese authorities say that they discourage the usage of feces as food because it makes the fish more susceptible to diseases, the number of Guangdong farmers that adopt this practise because of fierce competition grows every day.


Almost 27% of the seafood in the markets in America comes from China. Of that, quite a bit of it is dismisses because of the conditions the sustenance is in.

As indicated by Bloomberg Markets magazine, despite the fact that the FDA just investigates 2.7 percent of imported sustenance, FDA inspectors rejected 1,380 loads of fish from Vietnam and 820 loads of Chinese fish since 2007. So, we do we keep importing, buying and consuming this food?




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