Attention – Never Mix These 7 Fruits! They Cause Death In Children…

We all know that consuming fruits and vegetables every day is extremely healthy for our body and our overall health. But, there are some fruits and vegetables that are dangerous when we consume them together. Some combinations can be not only unhealthy, but also fatal.

Banana and guava
This mix can cause gasses and acidosis which can result as a headaches and nausea.

Oranges and carrots
It is a very used and popular combination, but sometimes it can result as a heartburn and it can cause some serious kidney problems.

Pineapple and milk
This combination can cause stomach pain, headaches, infections, diarrhea, nausea and many other health issues since pineapple contains bromelain, an ingredient that should never be mixed with milk.

Banana and pudding
This mixture is very hard to digest and it can stimulate toxin production. It can be fatal for the children.

Orange and milk
This combination can make your stomach unable to process the starch from the cereal. So, when mixed with milk it becomes hard to digest and it can cause many health problems.

Vegetables and fruits
You should never consume them together. Fruits usually contain a lot of sugar so they are hard to digest. It means that they stay in your stomach for a longer time and begin to ferment, which can release toxins. You can have stomach aches, diarrhea, infections and headaches.




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