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What Should Your Blood Pressure Be According To Your Age?

It is important to know that hypertension is a cardiovascular disorder affecting to all people both women and men. However, hypertension is left untreated well and high blood pressure could be threatening soon. So, people should keep blood pressure under control, according to grow of age or older condition because hypertension become difficult to manage.  In one recent research which published in an internal medicine archive report that over than two thousand senior was affected by hypertension. It can affect the function of kidney, arteries and whole part of the human body. When hypertension is not treated well and adequately, hypertension can lead to kidney and heart failure, stroke and fatal health problem. Generally, hypertension should treat with intensive and aggressive therapy as well.


For some case, one treatment can’t be applied for another patient with same hypertension issue, according to 50 years and 80 years old of patients. Both patients are different thing of treatment and response.  The doctor will take all consideration when he wants to diagnose his patient with hypertension. The diagnosis could be considered various factors related to lifestyle, genetic, past history, diet and age condition. It is important to know that patient with 20 years old is starting point to the entry process of hypertension.  Young people must be tested for hypertension early at a medical center regularly or at least one time per 2 years, reported the American heart association. This condition applies to young people with 120/80 mm Hg blood pressure condition. The blood pressure can be varied for each minute depend on sleep level, posture, physical activity and stress level. In the interval, the blood pressure drop and heart rest. When human heart at the beat level, blood pressure will rise. For young people with 20 years old of age, they will have blood pressure less than 120/80 mm Hg;  It lower than 80 diastolic and lower than 120 systolic. However, 1/3 American young people suffer with hypertension.

When blood pressure increase/raise, the doctor will take more references. It is advisable to monitor and check blood pressure at home before taking some diagnose. People with high blood pressure are not often suffering with hypertension, but it remains high systolic and diastolic, 140/90 mm Hg and it is starting point for vital treatment. The treatment usually takes for lifestyle and dietary change even treated with prescription drugs.  Patient with 180 systolic and 110 diastolic should be taking a rest for a while before applying blood pressure treatment again. If it’s nothing positive progress, they must be visit expert doctor as soon as possible.

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