Burger King Admits To Using Horse Meat In Burgers, Whoppers

The brand burger king conceded that they have been used steed meat as a part of request to made the burgers and whoppers. Before, the Burger King, denied these allegations. The fast food chain, in Thursday has surrender and conceded that the tests weren’t right and gave a statement of regret to its legitimate costumers. It was said that the firm which was delivering horse meat for Burger King was called Silvercrest.



This organization was conveying meat for Tesco, Asda and the Co-operation as well. The substances that this organization was providing were banned as of now for a year.


About this case, The Burger King has declared: “We have confirmed that Silvercrest has been using a small rate of meat imported from a provider has not been endorsed from Poland, who guaranteed to convey 100 for each penny British and Irish hamburger patties. They have neglected to do as such.

This unmistakably conflicts with our tenets and we have finished our association with them. We have demonstrated that this non-endorsed provider from Poland is the wellspring of the pollution going ahead at Silvercrest provider.”




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