Cancer Dies If You Eat These Foods-You Should Start Eating Them Immediately

A recent research have shown that consuming some foods will help you improve the effectiveness of the cancer therapy.

Consuming them every day will definitely make some changes and they have the ability to prevent the future spread of cancerous cells.

These foods are also very tasty and delicious and can inhibit angiogenesis, so they have the ability to stop the blood supply to the cancerous cells and stop their growth.

Angiogenesis is a physiological process of the formation of blood vessel in the early stages of fetal development. This process is activated when the blood cells are damaged by injuries, cuts, burns, etc.

There are many cancer drugs inhibitors which have the ability to neutralize the activity of the activators and stop angiogenesis, but almost all of them have some side-effects. The following foods are vital and they have the same effect, but are not dangerous and harmful as these pharmaceutical drugs.

It is a powerful and healthy spice and it is really helpful if you want to lose weight. It also has the ability to prevent cancer onset.

Raspberries and blueberries
These type of berries have anti-cancer effects and they are a great source of phytochemicals. They have the ability to reduce the angiogenesis and oxidative stress.

A recent study conducted at Harvard have shown that consuming tomatoes regularly can successfully lower the risk of prostate cancer by 50%. The tomatoes are a great source of lycopene, which is an amazing anti-cancer agent and it can prevent angiogenesis.

Green tea and coffee
They have the ability to stop the development of cancerous cells and can also boost your energy levels.

Red wine
The skin of grapes is rich in resveratrol, which is a powerful ingredient. It can help you prevent heart disease and premature aging. Consuming red wine will also protect you from different viruses and bacteria, repair the DNA, eliminate the free radicals and increase your mental energy.

Dark chocolate
Chocolate is great for your heart and also for the enhancement of the effects of the cancer therapy. Dark chocolates have almost 70% cocoa, which is great for your health.




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