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There are a lot of toxic foods that increase the risk of getting cancer and disturb the balance in our body, which causes the occurrence of a lot of dangerous diseases. Acidic foods can change Ph balance on our body and this can be a reason for getting a cancer. The best way to protect ourselves from something like this is to try the alkaline diet.


This diet can help us in treating dangerous diseases, even cancer in an advanced phase because cancer cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment. The best way  to destroy cancer cells is to drink juice made of green leafy vegetables every day.  You should also avoid high sugar foods because cancer sells feed on sugar.

This juice can successfully help you prevent the risk of getting a cancer, if you drink it every day in the morning on an empty stomach. You will only need spinach, three kale leaves, half a cup of water and one lemon. Then, put all of the ingredients in a blender and mix them well. Drink this mixture right away.

If you already have been diagnosed with cancer, you should drink this juice three times a day, before every meal, on an empty stomach and to focus your diet on foods that can improve your health (vegetables, fruits, grains) and prevent the development of other diseases.


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