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How To Cure a Stiff Neck Or Shoulder To Ease the Pain?

A lot of people have problems with neck and shoulder pain. It also includes poor sleeping habits, stress, cold drafts, etc. Usually it is caused by poor posture. The overload in muscle tension just to hold your head up in the way, can eventually lead to chronic headaches and migraine.


With these next exercises you can put your shoulders back into their place.

  1. Shoulder Alignment Exercise
    Stand up with the arms hanging loosely by your sides and rotate the wrists outward as far as you can. Then, release the rotation in the lower arm by turning your palms in towards your thighs from the elbow.
  2. Relax the Shoulders
  3. Arm Swings
    Stand in a stable lunge position with your left foot in front and your right foot behind with your front leg bent. Breathe in and swing your right arm up as far as you can. Breathe out and swing the arm down. Do eight reps.
  4. Full arm circles
    Start making continuous backward circles with your arm and breathe in as you go up and breathe out as you go down.
  5. Yes, no and maybe exercises
    – Yes: In this exercises the point is to move your head up and down.
    – No: Keep your head central above the spine and try to see as far back behind you as you can.
    – Maybe: In this exercise just drop your ear down towards the shoulder while keeping your nose facing the front.
  6. Head rolls
    You will need to slowly roll your head around clockwise to see how much of your entire periphery you can see. After five rolls, repeat them counter clockwise.


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