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She Cured Her Fourth Stadium Cancer By Eating Only One Ingredient!

This is a story about a woman who found out that she has thyroid cancer which was spreading towards other organs in her body. Her lifetime was predicted to last five years, but then she decided to take the things at her own hands.


After refusing chemotherapy, she began to consume three pineapples every day and also grapefruit, apples, papaya, lemons, bananas and kiwi. She also took out all of the animal proteins from her diet. When she went on checkup after six months the doctors found out that the cancer that was in its fourth stage totally disappeared. It was a miracle for her but also for the doctors. The cancer was cured.

Now she is cancer free and she says that she knew that the bromelain that comes from pineapples, kiwi and papaya destroys the protein shell of carcinoma. The proteins that comes from animals feed the cancer and when is consumed lager meal, the energy is pointed to processing the food and the body cannot start curing by itself.


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