Danger Signs That Your Lymphatic System Is Sluggish How To Do A Lymph Detox

The lymphatic system is mainly composed of organs and tissues that work in synergy to flush out toxic matter. Since the lymph contains white blood cells and they have a significant role in fighting the infections, it is extremely important to have a healthy lymphatic system.
Symptoms of a congested lymphatic system are: dry skin, hypersensitivity, soreness, itchy skin, feeling tired, brain fog, low immunity, headaches, breast swelling, diarrhea, swollen glands, stiffness in the morning, elevated histamine and irritation, acne, etc. There are many factors that can cause lymphatic congestion, such as: iodine deficiency, stress, constricting clothes, digestive imbalances, etc.
To improve the lymph health you should do a lymphatic detox and you will only need three days to drain the lymphatic fluids. The lymph is mainly made of water so you should drink big amounts of water in order to stay hidrated and avoid improper lymph flow. You can also consume fresh juices, teas and broths.

There are many herbs that are lymph-supporting, such as red root, red clover, cleavers, echinacea and manjistha. They will boost the lymph function and detoxify it.

Exercising is also a good way to detoxify the lymphatic system and you will only need to exercise 15-20 minutes a day.

Near infrared sauna
This therapy penetrates into your skin and promotes sweating. It also helps you get rid of the toxins.

Brisk walking
It is an easy, but effective way to stimulate lymph flow. Do it for about an hour a day and breath deeply.

Legs up the wall
It stimulates the activation of lymphatic valves for eliminating toxins and it also helps you sleep better.

Dry skin brushing
It may provide a lot of health benefits, such as optimizing detoxification and improving the lymphatic flow. It boosts your energy levels and the function of the organ is the body. Just get a natural bristle brush with a long handle and stand in your bathtub. Start the brushing from your feet, moving up toward the hears using slow motions and gentle massage. Watch out to the sensitive parts, like your breasts. When you are done, take a shower and apply coconut oil onto your skin. You should dry brush every time before taking a shower to get the best results.

Deep breathing
Lungs are the ones that pump the lymphatic flow, so breathing deeply is an effective and powerful way to stimulate lymph flow.

Lymphatic drainage massage




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