The Date Is The Best Fruit In The Planet For Our Health

Dates are a healthy and beneficial fruits and they are perfect for the digestion and the digestive tract. Dates are a great source of fiber and natural sugars and they can successfully replace the white unhealthy sugar. Dates are a great and fast digested fruit. They resemble multivitamins because of the calories and nourishment they give you and are sheltered and useful for children and grown-ups as well. Likewise, they have the ability to cure many health issues, such as: anemia, cholesterol, cancer prevention and many others.


Iron source

Dates are a great source of iron and only 100g of dates have 0.90g of iron, which is almost 11% of the needed daily iron intake. Iron is also great for the teenagers and those women that re pregnant.

Vitamin for the eyes

Dates contain zeaxantine and lutein and they have the ability to soothe the eye retina and macula. So, consuming dates will make your eyesight better.

No diarrhea

Dates are a great source of calcium and this mineral is very important for stopping the diarrhea and improving the digestion. Dates also have the ability to protect the gut flora.


No constipation

Once the toxins are out of your body, then the digestion is much better. Consuming a couple of dates mixed with a glass of water every night will make them release juices that act like laxatives and work up your intestines.

Better delivery

A recent experiment made at Jordan University of Science and Technology have shown that consuming dates one month before the delivery have the ability to successfully reduce the bleeding and the pain. Those women that consume dates will give birth much easier than the other.




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