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These Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, and You’ve Probably Ignored Them!

Have you known that almost 90% of Americans use microwave ovens every day for the preparation of their meals? Microwaves ovens pulse electromagnetic waves through the food, making the molecules to move and vibrate as a reaction to the radiation.

They have a device named Magnetron placed inside them and this device produces the wave energy. The energy converts positive molecules to negative and heat the food causing structural isomerism.

When we remove our meal from the microwave, the food is usually hot because microwaves work with water molecules. But, the food does not contain the same amounts of water in all its areas, so the heating is not even.

The effects of microwaving a breast milk were studied by a study made at the Stanford University and it has been found that even if the microwave is set at low setting, it can destroy some of its disease-fighting capabilities. Back in the past, in 1991, there was a case when a patient died after receiving microwave heated blood. The Russians consider the microwaves extremely dangerous, with serious side-effects on the overall health, so they have banned the microwaves back in 1976.

Consuming food prepared in microwave can cause a serious brain damage and cancerous cells are increased in human blood. When you microwave your food, all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins are reduced so our body gets no benefit. This food can also cause stomach and intestinal cancerous tumors.

Eating a microwaved food for a longer period can cause many system deficiencies through lymph gland and serum alterations. It can also cause many other health issues, such as: emotional instability, concentration loss, memory loss, etc. You can find out more about microwaves and microwaved food at the video below:





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