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DIY: How To Clear Your Sinuses in Seconds Using Nothing but Your Fingers

All of us know how uncomfortable it is to have a stuffy nose. Stuffy nose may be caused by allergies, flu, colds, etc. We cannot breathe freely and it is really frustrating.


When this happens usually people take some medicine, but there is also another way to get rid of pressure and tension in the nose, ears and head by pressing specific pressure points on your body.
1. Rely on The Tongue and Press Right Between Eyebrows
Acupressure is the best solution for you your problem with the stuffy nose. You should only put some pressure on specific points to help your nose work in a proper way again.The most efficient thing is pressing your tongue against your mouth while pressing a finger against the eyebrows at the same time and keep it like this for 20 seconds.

2. Put Pressure Across The Eyebrows
The massage therapist Amber Lynn Vitale says that putting your fingers across your eyebrows can trigger movement of blocked fluid in this area. First, put your fingers on our left and right eyebrow, then wait for a couple of seconds and the pressure should start moving. After this, move your fingers in the central part of your eyebrows. You will feel a mild lightness, move the fingers to the end of both eyebrows after that and start moving the fingertips with circular motions in order to trigger and support fluid flow.

3. Use a Mini – Massage
Mini massage can move the fluid from our head. Press your fingers against the collarbone notch for a couple of times when you feel an urge to clear your throat. Or just create a V shape by crossing the hands and apply the same movement of pumping on each side of the neck in order to stimulate lymph fluid release.


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