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We Drink It Daily, But Don’t Know That It Causes Breast Cancer

One of the most serious diseases these days that every women has a risk of getting it is breast cancer.

Although sometimes we try to do everything possible in order to lower the risk and prevent this dangerous disease, sometimes we harm our health unknowingly and the breast cancer starts developing.

A recent study made by a team of researchers at the Kaiser Permanente has shown that those ladies that consume a diet rich in full0fat dairy have an increases risk of getting breast cancer compared to those women that have already diagnosed breast cancer, but consume a diet rich in low-fat diary.

Estrogen is a hormone that stimulates the growth of the breast cancer and he is produced and stored in the fat cells. The experts say that dairy products that are sold in the United States have an increased estrogen and progesterone. This happens because the milk sometimes comes from pregnant cows. That is the reason it’s fitting for ladies determined to have breast cancer to expend less full-fat dairy items and all the more low-fat ones and this is particularly vital for those with hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.

The study included the following full-fat products:
– Whole milk
– Condensed/evaporated milk
– Pudding
– Ice-cream
– Flan
– Butter
– Yogurt
– Cheese

The people who participated in this study were monitored over the course of 12 years and the results were shocking. The study has shown that those people who consumed one or more of the products on the list every day have even 64% higher chance of dying from any factor and 49% higher chance of dying from breast cancer, compared to those who consumed less servings a day or low-fat dairy products.

Despite the fact that these outcomes are very stunning we have to consider a couple of different things before we bounce into conclusions. The review uncovers an association between full-fat dairy items and breast cancer results, in any case it does not demonstrate that the one essentially prompts the other. More tests and studies need to be done in order to find a connection between them.




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