Easy Viola: The Newest Drug They Use In Discotheques To Violate Women! Urgent! Share The News!

“Easy viola”, also called “The Holiday Drug” is a Gamma – hidroxibutiratedrug with initials GHB in English. It can be found in fluid, powdered or tablet frame and needs smell and flavor.

This decisively transforms it into an effective weapon inside the night clubs. In various reported cases GHB is included into the beverages served in the night clubs. It makes ladies exposed and defenseless and it additionally causes various other awful side-effects among which is likewise death.

The symptoms of having consumed this deadly drug are: sickness, hallucinations and revings, aggressivness, difficulties breathing, vomiting, drowsiness, weakness, loss of balance and coordination, absence in judgement and will, convulsions, etc.

They are all terrible symptoms since this drug has numerous side-effects, but the worst thing is that in same cases it can also cause death.




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