What He Did Every Night Caused Cancer In His Eyes And He Died! Make Sure You Don’t Do This Every Day!

This is a story about a 40 year old man who got eye cancer.

Some recent studies have shown that the light coming from our mobile phone screen is very dangerous and it can kiss the retina cells. This happens especially when you look at the screen while being in a dark room.


Being in a dark room and looking at our phone screen can affect our vision and cause eye cancer. This happens because the light shines directly into our eyes. This man we mentioned above went to his doctor when one day he could not see clearly. His eyes were red and injured.


The man had no idea that using his phone before sleeping, into a dark room, can be extremely dangerous and unhealthy. Doing that it led him to provoked signs of eye cancer and visual shortcomings.


The doctor was shocked when he first saw him, knowing that he could not do anything to help him. Replacing the retina is a very dangerous and difficult process. So, you should all be careful and do not use your mobile phones before sleeping. You should protect your eyes as much as possible.




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