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Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan

Being overweight is a serious problem, especially in those communities where over 40% of the population is overweight. It also causes some serious health problems such as: diabetes, risk of cardiovascular conditions, a myriad of digestive disorders, high blood pressure, gout, ulcers and thyroid issues, physical and psychological stress, etc.


To be overweight it means that you consume a lot more food than your body actually requires. It comes with a sedentary lifestyle, poor sleep and food habits, etc. You can check your waist-to-hip ratio. The fat percentage shown can indicate to you if you are overweight or not. An acceptable established percentage for women is 25%. You can also know if you are overweight or not simply by your clothes.

If you are overweight you should make yourself a diet plan to get back to the wanted shape of your body. You should drink less coffee, juices and alcohol, avoid eating late meals, consume more season fruits, drink a lot of water, try to eat small portions a couple of times at day, rather than eating all your meals at once.

The most important thing in not to forget to exercise. You can ride a bike, run, go to the gym, walk the stairs, and everything else that will help you overcome your overweight problem.


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