The Flour That Causes Tumors In The Kidneys And Thyroid

Although it is one of the most used ingredients, the white flour has been killing us slowly. In 1910, the Federal District Court of Missouri announced dyed white flour unfit as human sustenance.
However, tragically, as per H.W. Wiley, the main head of the Food and Drug Administration, the authorization of this law was “stopped through the political impact of the flour mill operators” and “no notice of infringement has since been made by the FDA.” Here are five of the most common secrets and facts about the white flour that will definitely surprise you.

No nutritional value
Almost all nutritional value has been removed from the flour in the process of bleaching or enriching. The manufacturers remove the outer layers, the bran and the germ of the wheat, where almost 76% of the minerals and vitamins are.

Added potassium bromide
After the process of removing the layers and nutrients, the flour is bleached, preserved and aged with chlorine dioxide. Then, it is whitened with chalk, alum and ammonium carbonate. This way, it looks and feels more appealing to the consumers. In its final stage, sorbitan mono-saturate is added in it, which is and anti-salting agent. It is also mixed with potassium bromate, a strong oxidizer that can damage the cells.

White flour is a natural insecticide
If you have ever found a dead bugs in a bag of flour, it is because they cannot live off of bleached flour.

Contains l-cysteine
L-Cysteine is an unnecessary amino corrosive that is added to business preparing items. In spite of the fact that it is an actually occurring corrosive that can be delivered artificially. In light of a legitimate concern for less expensive creation, it is normally made with things like human hair, duck plumes, chicken quills, and bovine horns and hooves.

It contains diabetes-causing contaminant alloxan
It is an item of the decomposition of uric acid. It is mainly used to produce diabetes in the healthy experimental animals, such as mice and rats. It spins up a big amounts of free radicals in the pancreatic beta cells and it can cause diabetes.




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