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Foods You Should Not Store in the Refrigerator

Fridge is one of the best food storage ever invented and usually we store there all kinds of food. However here are some foods that should definitely not be stored in the refrigerator.


You can store the coffee at the fridge, but it is best if you store only the amounts that won’t be used right away.

It is proven that the cold air makes the flesh of the tomatoes into mush.

Usually unpeeled onions need enough air exposure, but peeled onions are best kept in a sealed container inside the refrigerator.

The perfect place to store the pumpkins is your basement, because they need a well-ventilated room.

If you put the garlic bulbs into the fridge they tend to sprout, so the best option is to keep them in a day and dark place.

The perfect temperature for honey is the room temperature because if you refrigerate it, it can occur a crystallizations, which causes difficulty in spreading it.

Whole melon
The antioxidants that are found in the watermelons can lessen when it is kept in the refrigerator and are best retained in a room temperature, but sliced melon should be put and covered inside the fridge.

It is best if you keep them in a cardboard box, well ventilated and unwashed.

There are a lot of other fruits that should not be stored in the refrigerator like bananas, apricots, plums, peaches, kiwi mangoes, etc.


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