Get Pregnant Fast With These Tips. Positions And Foods!

A lot of women around the world are trying to stay pregnant, but sometimes it is not an easy task. With the following ten tips and tricks, you can easily stay pregnant, without problem.


  1. Nutrition and diet
    With a well-balanced diet the reproductive system in your body will be ready to get pregnant. So, eating acidic foods will increase the acidity in the cervical mucus, so you should strongly avoid red meat and tea. Instead, eat more alkaline foods, such as bean sprouts, milk, etc.
  2. Supplements
    If you are trying to conceive, you need to add some multivitamin supplement in your diet. It should contain filic acid since it prevents the neural tube defects.
  3. Medical check-ups
    Go to your doctor regularly if you are trying to get pregnant, so it could detect any possible early issues.
  4. Regular sex
    Having sex every day means more chances to get pregnant. You will enjoy and you have no need to track the evolution.
  5. Right position
    The missionary position can really help you to get pregnant because it can put the sperm closest to the cervix and it increases the likelihood of fertilization.
  6. Learn the cycle
    You should keep track of the basal temperature to know your ovulating period. Knowing the right time is the best thing to get pregnant.
  7. Make the trip much more easier
    Make your vaginal area more friendly to sperm by avoiding douches, sprays, scented tampons and lubricants.
  8. Avoid cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol and drugs
    Caffeine negatively affects the chances of getting pregnant, so avoid any drinks and foods rich in caffeine as much as possible. Drugs, alcohol and smoking can also lower the chances and they can even bring some birth defects.

    9. Maintain the weight and exercise
    Having a healthy weight and exercising every day improves the fertility. Overweight women have much higher levels of estrogen, which can result in no ovulation or irregular ovulation.

10. Enjoy yourself
Stress can keep the ovulation from happening, so being excited during making love will keep away the stress.




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