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Get Rid of Stretch Marks and Cellulite Forever Using This 2-Ingredient Homemade Exfoliator

Nowadays, people can walk for free without any worry with cellulite and stretch mark. There is an effective and efficient treatment for stretch mark and cellulite. It is a homemade treatment from exfoliating to cleansed skin, eliminate stretch mark and cellulite. This homemade uses salt and sugar as main ingredients. It is easy to make this homemade exfoliating recipe because this treatment is so popular in reducing cellulite and stretch marks without pay any extra cost for anti cellulite medication.



  • 250 gram of sea salt
  • 250 gram of sugar
  • 100 up to 150 ml of palm oil or olive oil


  • Mix all ingredients above to create gel look like paste
  • Mix for 30 minutes and mix again for the next half hour
  • Apply this mixture on skin surface with stretch mark for two or three minutes
  • Repeat this method in every night before you are going to shower
  • Then, rinse with warm water and apply some body lotion or moisturizer
  • Apply this method for a month in regular basis
  • All stretch marks and cellulite will disappear. It is recommended to not stop this method after you get a positive result in eliminating or removing your stretch mark from your skin.


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