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How To Get Rid Of Tooth Cavities Using Nothing But Eggshells

An eggshell contain the perfect substance for healing cavities, a lot of calcium and 27 minerals.

It gives an essential measure of calcium to re-mineralize your teeth. Krompeher, a Hungarian doctor, directed an examination alongside the surgeons and researcher. They concentrated the healthy benefits of the eggshells.


Likewise an examination directed by a dentistry school in the Philippines, contrasting different business toothpaste brands and their own particular exacerbated toothpaste from eggshells. They reasoned that overtime the teeth cleaned with the eggshell toothpaste had less plaque develop and contains more grounded polish because eggshells have calcium and other minerals.

These are some other minerals that eggshells contain:
– Sodium
– Magnesium
– Iron
– Silicon
– Potassium
– Sulphur
– Phosphorous
– Aluminium

Just put the eggshells in a boiling water and leave them there for five minutes in order to remove the pathogenes. Then, air dry them and grind up the shells until they turn into powder. You should take half a teaspoon of this every day or add it to your meals.




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