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Ginger Can Remove Cancer in the Colon, Prostate and Ovaries. Much Better Than Chemo

Ginger may bring you many health benefits, including fighting cancer, even better than chemo. You can treat prostate, ovary and colon cancer with ginger and it is also great for boosting your immunity, help you with digestion and respiratory issues and for your overall health.
Ginger contains shogaols, paradols and gingerols and it is proven that these three anti-cancer items can treat cancer better than chemo.

Ovary cancer
The Contemporary Medicine magazine expressed that ginger stops development of ovary disease. Along these lines, early treatment is crucial here. The angiogenesis is a procedure when the tumor develops veins and afterward uses them for feeding. On the off chance that this is prevented in early stages, the disease can be cured. It is best to begin with 4g day by day.
Prostate cancer
Ginger extract affects the prostate more than chemo does. You should consume 100mg every day per kg weight. There were tests made on 56% of the people suffering from this type of cancer and it is proven that ginger leaves the healthy cells alone and it is excellent for your belly and bones tissues.
Colon cancer
The Cancer Prevention Research Conference made a study in 2003 and they have found out that ginger destroys the bad cells, while keeping the healthy cells completely safe.




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