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How To Grow A Lemon Tree From Seed No Matter Where You Live

Lemons are little citrus fruits and they have many health benefits.

They are one of the most alkaline foods and they are great for balancing an acidic body. They were first made as a cross between a citron and a lime. They are a great source of Vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, folate, etc.

Consuming lemons every day can help you to boost your immune system, keep your body’s pH balanced, protect you against rheumatoid arthritis, improve your digestive health, help you in weight loss, lower the risk of cancer, improve your mood and prevent depression and anxiety and many others.

Drinking lemon juice every day can give you more energy and keep you energized through the whole day. Now, you can grow your own lemon tree at your home. To grow a lemon tree you will need:
– An organic lemon
– Potting soil
– A container
– Moisture
– Light

Just put some soil into a bucket and put water to it until the soil is totally damp. Then, fill the container with the pre-moistened soil and leave an inch of space below the rim of the container. Cut the organic lemon in half and find the biggest and best-looking seed. Keep the seed in your mouth until you are ready to plant it in order to prevent it from drying. When the seed is still moist, place it half-inch below the soil level and cover it with the soil. Using a spray bottle or a watering can, water the soil.

You should keep your container in a warm place and watch it every day in order to germinate. You should never let your soil to totally dry out because it can cause the seed to rot. After two weeks, you will start noticing a little sprout emerge from the soil and then you place your growing tree in a warm place of direct sunlight.

Here are some tips that will help your tree to grow strong and healthy.
– Take care that your growing tree gets the sunlight it need
– Feed your growing tree with organic fertilizers like compost or vermicompost
– Make sure that your tree is moist all the time, especially when it is young.
– To make a healthy and adult tree, observe it every day, pay attention to it and gently feel it. Spending some time with your tree every day will also make it easy for you to notice if there are any problems as the tree develops.




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