Here’s How to Identify Rice That Contains Plastic

One of the biggest producers of rice in the world is China, with over than 200 tons of rice produced every year. But the Korean Times report claims that the Chinese rice has a plastic content and is very dangerous.

The plastic rice is usually combined with organic rice and people do not feel the difference. But if you follow these steps you will find out which rice is fake very easy.

1. Mortar and pestle
If you take a closer look you will notice a white powder, which tells us that the rice is organic. However, if there are yellow stains the rice is plastic.

2. Fire
You can easily tell if the rice is plastic or organic by lighting some rice kernels. If they do not burn the rice is organic. If they burn the rice is definitely plastic.

3. Water
Just fill a glass with water and put some rice in it. If the rice falls to the bottom of the glass, then it is organic. If the rice is plastic, it will stay on the top.

4. Mold
Store some cooked rice in a plastic container and leave it in a sunny place for a couple of days. If the rice is real it will mold after only two days. If the rice is fake it will stay the same.




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