If You Have High Blood Pressure Or Heart Problems Avoid These 15 Foods At All Costs!

There are numerous diseases these days, especially coronary diseases.

The low food quality can also damage your body, so you need to make sure to avoid the following 15 foods in order to avoid health issues.


Table salt
An increased intake of table salt can lead to circulation problems and issues with your vision. This way, your kidneys, brain and heart are also in danger because of the bad circulation.

French fries
An average portion of french fries has 270mg of sodium and 19gr of fat. Taking more sodium than you should can result as gaining weight and water retention.

Fuzzy drinks and sodas contain a high amount of artificial sugar, which is one of the main reasons for hypertension.

Some recent studies have shown that alcohol reduces the blood supply levels and a recent research conducted in North Korea, have proven that liquor is responsible for hypertension.

Red meat
Red meat is linked to the impairment of veins and performance and problems with your heart. You should try to avoid it.

Processed meat
Processed meats, such as: wieners, bacon, bologna and many other can cause numerous health issues. In order to protect your heart and avoid the hypertension you should avoid consuming these kinds of meats.

Although they are a low calorie food, pickles are actually high in sodium. Just a medium-sized pickle has 570mg of sodium, which is 1/3 more than the recommended intake per day.

Sugar is related to heart problems and it can cause some serious hypertension issues.

They are very tasty and delicious food, but they are also extremely rich in calories and fat. There are 200 calories and 12gr of fat in just a one doughnut.

Margarine is very used these days and it is a part of the people’s daily routine. But, it is one of the unhealthiest ingredients. It has a big amount of nickel, aluminum and platinum.

Canned chicken noodle soup
Although this soup is very easy especially for those people who do not have much time, it contains a huge amounts of sodium. There are 800mg of sodium in just a one serving of noodle soup.

Canned bisquits
They are packaged with processed substances and sodium.

Ramen noodles
There are 1580mg of sodium and 14gr of fat in just one bundle of Ramen noodles, so you should definitely avoid them.

Accomodation feels like frozen pot pies
There are even 1400mg of sodium and about 35gr of fat in just a one sweet pie. This is far from the daily allowed intake. So, you should stay away from sweet pies.

Pizza has a high sodium levels and sodium is detrimental for our body, especially the meat and the cheddar pizzas. You should remove them from your diet.




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