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Lose 10 Pounds in a Week: 7 Day Diet Plan

Many expert nutritionists created a diet plan for adult and children to support and make them healthier than before. Their diet is strongly fight weight loss and prevent from any serious negative effects such as; nausea, diarrhea and other harmful diseases. The diet plan claims that it can help people to reduce weight from ten up to fifteen pounds on regular treatment. People just need to watch and see what they should eat and how much they eat in a day.


The most important to do is focus on losing your weight and feeling better. For a week you can regimen your weight and break for the next week. After one week, you can start weight again and check or identify how many pounds of weight you have lost.

Here are seven day diet plan, as follows:

Day 1 – eat fresh fruit except banana. You can eat some fresh fruit such as; citrus, watermelon, apples and other fruits except banana.

Day 2 – eat vegetables with fresh, boiled or cooked vegetables. You can eat salad and some pepper and salt.

Day 3 – eat boiled, raw veggies and fruit

Day 4 – eat calorie soup, banana and milk

Day 5 – eat vegetables, fruits and rice. You can eat tomato that good source of fat burning agent.

Day 6 – eat rice and veggies with soup and salad from day 2-4.

Day 7 – eating rice, soup, salad and veggies. Keep eating healthy foods from day 1-6.

It is very important to keep eating fresh foods and healthy. Before starting diet plan, it is recommended to contact your physician and ask about it related to high blood pressure, cardiovascular system, excess weight, frame size and BMI rate. In order to determine BMI index, you should measure weight and height, which divide into several points as follows;

BMI, weight in lb / height in inches and BMI weight in kg / height in meter.
BMI rate;
< 5 = under weight
5 – 24.9 = normal weight
25-29.9 = overweight
>30 = obese

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