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A great businessman, Dave Asprey becomes popular names after sharing his drink recipe to lose weight loss just within 4 weeks. His drink recipe made from Nescafe and coconut oil and all drinks is really wonderful recipe.  You should just try this drink at home once with 2 tablespoons of butter and nothing recipe for breakfast. People will get great experience in the best morning of their life with focus and boundless energy, Dave explained – unbelievable.


This drink comes from Nescafe and coconut oil with rich or plenty of calories and tasty which means it substitutes for your whole meal. In fact, after you drink this, your energy become bomb, feel full for 1-3 hours. What is the reason making this drink become so powerful and effective for weight loss and fat. This drink provides a full feeling satisfied and boosts your energy due the caffeine effect come from this recipe drink.


  • One tsp of Nescafe
  • One tsp of coconut oil
  • Half tbsp of cocoa
  • One dl of almond milk
  • One dl of boiling water


  • Place some cocoa and coffee in the cup
  • Pour of boiling water over it
  • Mix with electric whisker
  • Add some almond milk
  • Add coconut oil
  • Finally. This drink will become the best drink for weight loss

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