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Castor oil was used all over the centuries as an oral laxative and it is also used as a topical application these days. It is rich in minerals, proteins, Vitamin E and it has anti-fungicidal and antibacterial properties.

It is mainly composed of fatty acids, which gives the oil an amazing health benefits. It can help you treat and prevent many health issues, such as bacteria, molds, yeasts, viruses, etc.

These are some of the most useful benefits of castor oil:
– It can help you to inhibit the growth of bacteria, virus and yeast
– It is great for treating gastrointestinal problems
– It is a perfect solution for all your skin problems
– It can help you treat menstrual disorders
– It improves the lymphatic flow
– it helps the intestinal system
– It promotes regular bowel movement
– It can help you treat migraines, sunburn, ringworm, athlete’s foot, etc.

Another approach to utilize castor oil is to make castor oil packs. They can help with different well-being infirmities, for example, kidney stones, fibroids, ovarian cysts, swollen joints, bad tempered entrail disorder, stomach related clutters and menstrual cramps. You just need to splash a cotton material in a few layers in oil and apply it to your skin.

These packs are generally used to treat your joints and muscles. You should put a hot bottle of water over the pack to make it even more effective and leave it like that for about an hour. Repeat this procedure three times a week and you will be impressed with the outcomes.




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