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How To Make And Use Castor Oil Pack For A Liver Detox And Breaking Down Kidney Stones

The following packs can help you detox your liver in a natural way, support ovary and uterus health, dissolve kidney stones, improve the lymph flow and successfully remove the inflammation. It does not have any side-effects and it definitely improves your sleep, keeps you energized.
To prepare the packs you will need the following ingredients:

– Lemon essential oil
– Good castor oil brand
– Washable spa body wrap
– Wool flannel pad, cloth, cotton pad
– Heating pad

Its preparation is easy and simple. Just soak the cotton in the blend of lemon essential and castor oil. Put the moistened cloth on the right side of the abdomen, just below the rib cage. You will need to secure the body wrap and wrap the entire abdomen. Then, heat up the pad and place it on the top of the flannel pad. Keep the pack for an hour by lying down.

You will be impressed by the results of this natural remedy. It has been used for many health problems and issues for a long time and even out grandparents were using it. It contains triglyceride of fatty acids, 90 percent are ricinoleic acid. It is an amazing healing agent and it can successfully prevent the growth of bad microbes, bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mold, etc.
These are some of the health benefits of using castor oil:

– It boosts up your immunity
– It supports the lymph health and drainage
– It improves the blood flow
– It can balance your hormones
– It will give you better reproductive and overall health
– It eases up the lymph flow
– It eases up the congestion thus relieving the arthritis
– It is great in treatment of infections
– It is great for inflamed skin (acne, sunburns, bites and dryness).
– Its fat acids nourish your skin and remove itchiness.
– It is great for your lips
– It is a great remedy for falling asleep.
– It successfully treats hemorrhoids.
– It is great for treating scalp issues and dandruff.
– It is a great remedy for scars and stretch marks.
– It is great for your hair and it helps her grow faster.
– It can break down kidney stones.
– It increases blood flow.
– It stimulates the detoxification of your liver.
– It reduces inflammation.
– It supports uterine and ovarian health.



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