Man Healed 5000 Peoples From CANCER: This Is A Recipe That Kills All Types Of TUMOR In 90 Days – Video

An open deliberation about the therapeutic utilization of weed, drove Rick Simpson to Belgrade. He is acclaimed for using cannabis to cure around 5,000 individuals with different types of growth and tumors. It is accepted by Simpson that cannabis which has been used by locals for a considerable length of time can be compelling in the treatment of different diseases like diabetes, epilepsy, arteriosclerosis, numerous sclerosis and growth.

Simpson is a living case of the recuperating force of cannabis as he had cured himself 12 years back of an extremely serious instance of skin growth, despite the fact that he is not a medicinal specialist.



Rick Simpson had skin sores all over surgically worked on by specialists in 2002 however with no achievement. He was even told by the specialists that there was nothing else they could do. The injuries would return and Rick who had an enthusiasm for vegetation was resolved to discover an answer for his issue.

One day while watching his scars in a reflect he reviewed a study he had heard on the impact of THC on growth, this prodded him on to apply some cannabis oil on his scars and he then concealed the scars using gauzes and afterward put himself on perception.


In only four days the scars were gone and his skin was clear and smooth once more. Enthusiastically, he educated any individual who minded to listen how he had cured himself. However, nobody was keen on his “hypothesis”. Rick said individuals just snickered at him and did not trust him one piece. However, Rick was resolved not to be disparaged and to utilize his recently discovered information to individuals with malignancy.

One intriguing case he reviews is that of a 80 year old man who was confined to bed and biting the dust of lung malignancy. The man’s specialist had given him only 48 hours to live before his child took him to Rick.

At the time the man was about breathing, he had open injuries on his leg and chemotherapy had made him swell up. Rick proposed a cannabis oil treatment which his child prescribed to his dad’s specialist that declined the utilization of this firm of treatment. The elderly man’s child then chosen to take matters in his own hands and continued to direct cannabis oil to his dad. Amazingly in 30 minutes his dad’s breathing enhanced and he could inhale ordinarily.


The man’s child then looked at his dad of the healing center and quit managing his doctor prescribed medications yet rather proceeded with the cannabis oil treatment. By the 6th week of treatment the elderly man quit taking insulin shots as there was no more requirement for it and by the third month his lung disease had totally gone.

For the elderly man’s treatment Rick required crude cannabis and he began to develop weed which got him in a bad position with the law as in only three years of developing the herb, his home had been attacked four times by the police and he had additionally been debilitated with prison time of between 5 to 40 years for asserting that he could use cannabis to cure disease. Rick Simpson burned through four days in prison before being accused of owning, developing and offering marijuane in 2005 and just got away from a conceivable 12 year jail sentence with a 2,000 dollar fine.

The incongruity was that a portion of the attendants comprised of individuals that had relatives cured of tumor by Rick’s cannabis oil treatment. At the trial Rick was not permitted to exhibit any confirmation nor give any of his patients declaration, it was a joke. In truth Rick never sold cannabis as a recreational medication, however rather as a corrective formula.

On he posted his formula which comprises of a few drops, to be directed three times regular. Rick gazes that he regularly oversees around 60 grams of cannabis oil every day and for 99 days in the treatment of tumor. He additionally said that cannabis oil can be directed at any phase of the disease as it is never past the point where it is possible to do as such.


Rick Simpson additionally affirms the smoking if pot as it us experimentally demonstrated that individuals who do live six years longer than the individuals who don’t, despite the fact that it is not as viable as the cannabis oil. He Advocates that cannabis ought to be developed by anybody around the globe and that drug stores ought to promptly have the herb accessible to any individual who needs to utilize it for restorative purposes.

He expressed that an expansive number of individuals don’t know that cannabis has been utilized for quite a long time as a viable recuperating herb and that the main motivation behind why this herb is being prohibited is a direct result of the ravenousness of the vast pharmaceutical partnerships who need to have boundless control of the recommended tumor solution and different medications showcase.

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