This Is Why You Should Massage Your Feet Before You Go To Sleep…

Feet are an important part of our body and we should take proper care of them. Massaging the feet can help us connect directly with all the nerves of our body and it is very helpful if you feel a discomfort. The feet are the part of the body, which carry almost all of the daily activities, so we definitely need to massage them in order to rest them and feel better. There are many benefits of regularly massaging the feet and here are some of them:

Energy and rejuvenation

Massaging the feet will definitely relax you and make you feel better and more energized. As per reflexology, a standout amongst the most intense advantages of back rub feet is that through them we can open parts in our living being, in which vitality is not flowing properly.

Improves circulation

A feet massage will definitely improve your circulation. Sometimes, when we are stressed, the blood flow is affected and all the important and beneficial nutrients and vitamins do not have the ability to reach our cells properly. A foot massage will help you in balancing and harmonizing the body and mind.

Healthy skin

Massaging stimulates the blood circulation, so this way you can prevent the accumulation of fats and toxins in the pores of your skin. Usually, foot massages act directly fighting the free radicals and this way it prevents premature aging and makes you skin look great.

Balance and harmony

If you feel stressed very often, it is almost impossible to rest and relax your body and your mind. Foot massage can successfully help you with this problem. It has the ability to balance and regulate the systems in the human organism.

Prevents cramps

Massaging the feet will definitely make your tissues stronger and will decrease the lactic acid. This lactic acid is usually responsible for discomfort in the organism and muscle cramps.

Tranquility and relaxation
Massaging the feet will relax each organ of the body and will make you enter into a deep state of rest and harmony.

Relieves ailments

The traditional Chinese pharmaceutical guarantees that through pressure point massage we can rub certain parts of our feet, therefore making these back rubs can ease the pain in different body organs.




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