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“Milk Does The Body Good” Is The Biggest Lie Ever And How Big Government Helps Big Dairy Sell Milk

Almost all of us consider the milk a healthy and good drink and some people even encourage their kids to drink more milk, not knowing the fact that actually milk can do them more harm than good. There are many big milk campaigns and they are trying to brainwash the customers into thinking that milk has the ability to help you build healthy bones since it is rich in calcium.


All of this is just a myth and a big lie. There are many other foods that are a great source of calcium and you can eat them in order to supplement your diet. You do not have to consume calcium from diary sources. There are a big amounts of calcium in many green vegetables, such as: broccoli, cabbage, kale, etc.


The industry of milk is an enormous business and we have been told lies in order to keep the business above water. Why don’t we have gigantic promotion crusades advising guardians to nourish their kids kale or broccoli for example? There is significantly less benefit to be made due the low cost and increase that the nourishment business can make from vegetables.


Also, these days dairy cows are usually pumped with hormones and chemicals and they filter down into the milk that is offered to us in the markets. Another bad thing is that the pus and blood are bleached to hide it, than removed. Each gallon of drain has an amount of passable discharge, the industry is intentionally offering an item that they know is defiled.


Lately, there have been made many studies and researches and all of them have shown that not only drinking this milk will not make your bones healthy, but it can also harm them. A recent study has found out that people that drink more milk have an increased mortality rate and a tendency to have more problems with their bones.




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