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This Is How Much Walking You Really Need To Lose Weight

Walking is one of the easiest exercises that can help you in losing your weight, while shaping your muscles. It is very healthy for your body and you should definitely make it your everyday routine. There are two factors that can affect the calories you burn through walking: the weight of your body and the place where you walk. It has been proven that walking with an average speed of four hours per hour you can burn 400 calories in just an hour. You should walk a few extra miles if you want to burn some calories plus.


Another step of more positive effects is getting a pedometer or a wristband so you can monitor how much calories you burn per day and monitor your progress until you achieve the wanted results. The pedometer can also count how many steps exactly you take during the day.

Usually people burn 100 calories by walking one mile and that is taking approximately 2000 steps. So if you want to lose one pound in a week you should walk 10 000 steps per day.

There are some tips that will help you adjust the walking and make it your daily routine:

  • Avoid taking a bus or a taxi
  • Walk your children to their school
  • Use the stairs, instead of elevators
  • Walk to your work and home
  • Take the longer roads when you go out, instead of the short ones

The most important thing is not to lose interest for walking. To avoid this, take different places to walk every day, invite a friend to walk with you, listen to music while you walk and do not let walking to become a boring thing for you.


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