Natural Recipe Against Cancer Which Have Cured Thousands Of People

The following recipe has been proved to help in treatment in various conditions and diseases. It was invented by the Russian doctor H. Mermerski and he says that he cured thousands of people with this recipe. Here are some of the most important health benefits of the remedy:

– It improves your brain and your memory.
– It cleans your blood vessels.
– It protects against heart attack.
– It treats your heart.
– It heals inflamed joints.
–  It restores your immune system.
– It regulates your weight.
– It cleans the kidneys.
– It heals cancer.
– It purifies your digestive system.
– It is prevention against tumor.
– It fights pathogenic microorganisms.

To prepare the recipe you will only need 400gr wheat soup, 15 fresh lemons, 12 garlic bulbs, 1kg honey and 400gr of nuts. You will make it fast and easy.

Just place the wheat in a glass jar and pour it with water. Leave it for the night. The next day strain the wheat through gauze and rinse the grains. Leave it for a whole day. Then, grind the wheat, nuts and the garlic bulbs. You should also grind five lemons along with their peel and mix all of the ingredients together.  Strain the juice from the rest of the lemons and add it to this mixture. Stir well, add honey, store it in a glass jar and put it at your fridge. Your drink is ready after three days.

Take one or two tablespoons before your meals and before going to bed. If you are a cancer patient take of this remedy every two hours, every day. It will guarantee you a healthy and long life and it will keep you fresh and energized.




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