A New 7-Days Lemon Diet Will Detox and Burn Fat

The following detox drink will be perfect for your diet and it is an easy, but effective way to get rid of the fat and detoxify your body. The lemon is the main ingredient of the drink since it is a healthy fruit and it has the ability to help you eliminate the toxins form the digestive track. The people that used this drink are thankful and satisfied. It is the perfect morning detoxification with many health benefits.

Here is the seven days lemon diet plan:

Day 1 – Magic on an empty stomach
You just need to take a glass filled with warm water. Place the lemons inside the glass and let them sit there for a few minutes, then drink it. Do the same thing in the afternoon, on an empty stomach before your lunch.

Day 2 – Detoxify and mineralize
You should start your day with a mineral water and repeat drinking a glass of lemon juice in the morning and before your lunch. You need to drink about two or three liters of mineral water daily in order to get the best results.

Day 3 – Richer lunch
You should not skip the lemon water in the morning, before your breakfast. On the third day the difference is that you are allowed to also drink it during your lunch.

Day 4 and Day 5 – Repeating the process
On your fourth and fifth day you should just follow the same routine from the third day.

Day 6 – Limiting
On your sixth day of the diet you should follow the same plan as day 3. The only difference is that you need to limit the intake of lemon juice to two glasses a day. It is best if you consume them before your breakfast and before your dinner.

Day 7 – The habit
On the last day of this diet plan, you should drink your lemon water in the morning as usual. You should definitely try to make this a habit for every day of your life. It is also very important to consume two or three liters of mineral water in order to keep the body hydrated. You will start burning fat and successfully detoxify your body.




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