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Why You Should Not Eat This Salad?

January 22nd, 2016. CDC is warning issued for pre-packaged and bagged salad citing Listeria. It was originated from the Dole process in Springfield facilities, Ohio. Listeria infection is one type of bacteria disorder and food borne illness. It can be a serious illness for those who suffer with the immune system disorder and pregnant women. Listeria could originate from un-pasteurized product, raw meat and unwashed product. Listeria bacteria will survive in freezing temperature in the refrigerator. Listeria infection can be treated by anti-biotic and removed by the immune system.



This Listeria could lead life threatening problem, includes:

  • Septicemia or blood infection
  • Membrane inflammation
  • Meningitis or brain fluid disorder

The Listeria infection can attack nervous system includes; stiff neck, convulsion, confusion, loss of balance and headache. For people who have experience with diarrhea, nausea, muscle ache and fever, it is recommended to consult with a doctor or check into the hospital immediately. A research showed that CDC in the United State was affecting to 1,600 citizens with Listeria infection and two hundred people were dying. The significant report happened in 2012. The CDC issues have been collaborating with FDA, food + drug administration and US public health to investigate and identify all outbreaks from Listeriosis or Listeria infection. It can lead to serious life threatening problem which reported in 6 states includes; New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts and Indiana.

Listeria infection was affected by harmful bacteria and attack for people with 3-83 years old include pregnant women and twelve people were reported get serious injury and hospitalized. The Listeria infection outbreaks were affected to several Dole brands.  There are several states that received pre-packaged and bagged salad from Dole facility such as; Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Mississippi, New York, New jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Tennessee.

CDC guidelines

  • Throw away packaged and bagged salad in the close plastic-bag.
  • Washing refrigerator slot where packaged salad is stored with soap and hot water
  • Washing board surface, packaged salad store and utensil with dishwasher, soap and hot water
  • Mixing hot water with vinegar as well
  • Washing hand with soap and warm water
  • Visiting a doctor to diagnose you and families from Listeria infection symptom.
  • Rinse vegetables, fruits before eating
  • Washing raw food before cooking or cutting
  • Scrub cucumber, melon with clean brush
  • Drying raw product with clean paper towel and cloth
  • Washing all countertop, knife after cooking process
  • Setting refrigerator at 40 degree of Fahrenheit and lower
  • Cleaning inside and outside all shelves, walls and store in refrigerator with soap and hot water

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