Oncologist Makes Ground-Breaking Discovery: How To Cure Cancer With Baking Soda

The italian oncologist Tulio Simoncini thinks that candida albicans can cause cancer. He says that the cure for cancer is baking soda. Dr. Tulio says that cancer can actually be cured with sodium bicarbonate.
He has based his cure theory on four theoretical elements:
– The friendly bacteria is your defensive mechanism since they eat fungus, yeast and microbes, so candida albicans are the bacteria’s perfect food.
– Acidic bodies.
– Sodium bicarbonate is an antacid, and it alkalizes the body.
– The friendly bacteria in your digestion systems direct 85% of the immunoreactions that discharge the “armed force” of anticancer substances like biotin, folic corrosive, and vitamins B12 and K from the nourishment you eat to frame sodium butyrate, an intensify that causes malignancy to obliterate itself.
So, the candida need oxygen and it sucks up all the oxygen from your body. And cancer cells do not need oxygen to release energy. Dr. Otto H. Warburg got a Nobel for this discovery back in 1931.
A review led by Cancer Watch uncovered that ladies who used to took antibiotics for 25 times are 100% more inclined to manage breast cancer at some period in their life. This comes subsequently to their powerless insusceptible framework. These ladies had low levels of good microbes, which makes culminate conditions for Candida albicans.





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