This Plant Attracts Money Like A Magnet, It’s A Must Have In Your Home

It is great to grow plants in your home if you want to make a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Feng Shui can give many informations about them and it can advise you how to arrange the things in your home. It is a thousand years old Chinese study and it is mostly about the interaction between the people and their environment and the powers in heaven and the energy that flows on the Earth.

The living and non-living things exist in the presence of chi according to Feng Shui and chi is extremely beneficial for our health. It is believed that things around us can influence our well-being. Except from being beautiful, plants can also cleanse the air from toxic materials and protect us from the electromagnetic influence. Feng Shui says that every plant has its own benefits.

Jade plant
It comes from Africa. Its leaves are thick and this plant has the ability to produce star-shaped white and pink flowers, depending on their exposure to sunlight. It can achieve even three meters and it hibernates from October to April.

To grow a jade plant you need to cut a twig, dry it for a couple of days and then plant it in sand. You should water it every third day for a month and then replant the root in a better soil.

Chinese people believe that this plant can bring you good luck, prosperity in the home, fortune and wealth. So, it is used as a housewarming gift very often. People also use it as a gift to congratulate someone, such as on a marriage or a new business.

Jade plant has an amazing jade green color, which is a symbol for growth and renewal. Its leaves have the shape of coins, so they are a symbol of material wealth of the person that owns it. Its blossoms are a symbolism for a great and long friendship and its flowers show the attention we give to our close friends and family.




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