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Press These 4 Points On Your Body To Accelerate Your Metabolism And Lose Weight Fast

There is doubt that acupressure and acupuncture help thousand or a million people to solve various health disorders. If people follow this acupuncture, then they will lose weight in incredible times. Acupressure is not vague and quackery. It is a medical method. One way to boost metabolism is by improving your organ in the body directly. You can use energy channel that associated with the body. It can increase internal organ function and some particular point.


If you follow all acupressure and acupuncture instruction, then you can speed up metabolism and eliminate excess weight because this process can stop weight accumulation. You can control appetite and build a new healthy lifestyle.

Here are some points to reduce excess weight fast, as follows:

1. The Еar

Massaging ear can help you to boost and accelerate metabolism and contribute in losing weight fast in the body. Ear massage should follow with thumb for 3 minutes in 3 times in a day with continuous pressure and smooth pressure on your ear.

2. Face

Massaging your face between upper lip and nose can stimulate and accelerate lose weight for 5 minutes. Facial massage can control and help you to control anxiety and hunger feeling.

3. The Arm

Massaging arm is a good way to reduce any excess weight and contribute in improving body function in the intestine.

4. Leg

Leg massage or “Zu San Li” can help you to improve body digestion and inflammatory process. Leg massage is also called as longevity massages that against any illness. It’s located under the knee. If you want to find a leg massage accurately, then you should cover your knee with palm. If you choose left leg massage, then you use a left side hand.
Following this message in every day can stimulate and accelerate lose weight. You can follow leg massage for 9 times for ten minutes with five minute massage for each leg. It is important to not massage before bed directly because it can lead serious insomnia.
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