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Do you Remember the boy who Smokes 40 Cigarettes a DAY? See what he Looks like 8 Years Later!

Over a few years ago all over the mediums there was a real story about a two year old Indonesian boy Aldi Rizal smoking 40 cigarettes a day. He has become a symbol of Indonesia’s smoking epidemic and an international media sensation. He comes from a poor village in Sumatra. Now, his family, friends and his loved ones are trying to show Aldi the right way, putting him on a steady diet that contains mostly fruits and vegetables.


Even the Indonesian government launched a campaign to tackle the problem children smoking and organizing a special rehabilitation treatment to help Aldi quit the cigarettes.
He was taken for a therapy sessions in the capital Jakarta for more than two weeks just to take his mind off his 40 cigarettes a day habit and to try to be normal like every other child.

There are also a documentary series about Aldi family filmed for two straight years. Even though he managed to quit smoking, he is very unhealthy because at the age of five Aldi traded the cigarettes for food. Now he has 56 pounds, he has a big appetite and he eats a lot.

At the video below you can see little Aldi smoking cigarettes:


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